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Vinogrodskiy Bronislav

Sinologist, translator, writer and social activist.

Has been studying ways of forming concepts, meanings and devices of consciousness on the postulates of "The Book of Changes".

Born in 1957 in the Far East. In 1979 he graduated from the Faculty of Oriental Studies of the Far Eastern State University. Since 1985 lives and works in Moscow.

Knows nine languages, including ancient Chinese.

In 1996, he founded the first "Tea Culture Club" in Russia

The author of the concept of tea clubs as a new type of space, based on the tradition of Chinese tea and healthy communication. Subsequently, tea clubs in Russia and CIS countries have become cultural centers, combining both amateurs and connoisseurs of Chinese culture.

In 2002-2007 - President of the Foundation "Institute of Social Technologies"

The main activity of his foundation - the restoration of public health in Russia, the formation of effective social technology using knowledge gained by Chinese traditional school of management and traditional Chinese medicine.

From 2005 to 2009 - the founder and inspirer of the gallery "Tea&Art Yakimanka"

which has been successfully engaged in the activities of the exhibition and sale of traditional Chinese art objects, including objects of jade. At the same time works in the exhibition space of the World Trade Center. Thanks to the work of the two galleries in the environment of Russian celebrities and politicians has become fashionable to drink Chinese exquisite tea and collect items of Chinese jade.

In 2007-2008 - chief editor of the magazine about a smart and expensive China "China.ru"

The magazine was launched in the Year of China in Russia, and its main purpose was to change the image of China in the eyes of the Russians. Magazine talked about the modern high culture and ancient times, the art of tea and traditional crafts, and how to build the strategies and decision-making, aesthetics and philosophy.

In 2008 there was a project "Game of the Book of Changes"

aiming at a direct impact on the way of forming ideas and mindsets in the Russian society. The project includes a lot of research and publishing.

Since 2011 began publishing the magazine "Qigong"

in order to form correct ideas of Russians about healthy lifestyles based on traditional Chinese approaches, as well as studying and generalizing the experience of the traditional cultures of the world.

Chinese project "Eksmo"

The results of the creative team led by Bronislav Vinogrodskiy formed the basis of the project with the largest Russian publishing house "Eksmo". The plans of the publication as a classical Chinese texts and their interpretation for practical applications in business and creativity, for healthy longevity, personal development and success. In the end, it will build a new image of China in the mind of Russians.


One of the important directions of improvement of the society considers to study the experience of traditional ethnic cultures. In numerous ethnographic trips to China and explore the culture and way of life of small nations he has gained a unique experience that formed the basis of the "Global Dagestan" club project. This project will provide an opportunity to study the mechanisms of regeneration of a healthy society and ethnic identity in the modern multinational states, what are Russia and China.

Activities of Bronislav Vinogrodskiy

Advisor of leaders of several major Russian corporations for China activity and strategic management consultant.

In the media circles he is known as an expert on China and traditional systems of healing. As a guest expert regularly participates in programs on PCH, REN TV, Business FM, City FM, TV channel "Rain", CCTV-Russian.

Author of numerous articles and interviews in various publications.

Research on creative thinking and the study of the Book of Changes and research of Chinese culture have continued to diverse cultural and artistic activities of Bronislav Vinogrodskiy.

He is a poet, musician and performer.

Engaged in Chinese calligraphy, participated in exhibitions of the Museum of Modern Calligraphy and Novgorod exhibitions. The museum's collection is his work.

He taught movement and the work of breathing at the School of Dramatic Art of Anatoly Vasilev.

He took part in the project Boyakov Edward Theatre "The Practice" "Chelovek (Human).doc." The project has been put on a solo performance Bronislaw Vinogrodsky biography, in which he played himself.

Invited as an expert group to study the cultural environment and the cultural politics of the Voronezh region.

As mordern artist has created and is developing its "Martial semiotics" painting style. In the period 2011-2013. passed the following exhibitions: at the Central House of Artists, at Gallery of Elena Vrublevskaya, at Gallery "Villa", as well as the project MOSKHAOS, one of the instigators of which he is. The exhibition showcased his paintings, graphic and photographic works, as well as performances.

Actively participates in festivals and exhibitions devoted to the topics of healthy lifestyles and eastern healing practices, as well as ethnic and cultural topics. Was the organizer of the First Moscow Tea Festival in Red Square.

In China has participated in many conferences on the study of classical works of Sun Tzu, Lao Tzu and Confucius.

Well known as a writer and translator. Translated more than forty of ancient Chinese texts such as the Book of Changes, "Tao Te Ching", "Chuang-tzu", Confucius "Lun Yu", "A Treatise on the Yellow Emperor's internal" and the texts on forecasting, calendar, feng shui, the art of war , the art of government, Taoist healing techniques.

Published translations and essays

Texts based on ancient Chinese texts:

"The way the governor. History of the Future" (co-authored with Boris Kuzyk). - Moscow: Germitazh Press, 2005.

"The law of harmony on the Path of the King" (co-authored with B. Kuzyk). - Moscow: Germitazh Press, 2005.

Texts which are based on ancient Chinese texts:

"Chinese Wisdom on the Path of the ruler" - M. Ed. ZHiguliskogo 2008.

"Chinese Wisdom on the Path of longevity" - M. Ed. ZHiguliskogo 2008.

"Chinese wisdom in the Way of Tea" - M. Ed. Zhigulskogo, 2010.

"Chinese wisdom of the Book of Changes" - M. Ed. Zhigulskogo, 2010.

"Sun Tzu. The art of winning" - M. Ed. Bronislav Vinogrodskiy, 2010.

"The art of governing the world" - Moscow: Penguin Books, 2013.


"Management of breathing in the Shaolin tradition" - M., 1987.

"Foundations of Science of Qigong" - M., 1989.

"Anthology of Taoist philosophy. Collection of articles and translation" (In cooperation wit V. Malyavin) - Moscow: The Partnership Klyshnikov Komarov and K-1994.

"I Ching - Zhou I. System Change - cyclical change" - M. Ed. North ladle, 1999.

"Taoist alchemy of immortality. Number of transformations of wild plum-mei hua" - Moscow: Sofia, 2003.

"Chen Sinsyuan. Statement of medicine" - Moscow: Profit Style, 2002.

"The Book of Changes. Taoist divination" - Moscow: Germitazh-Press, 2004.

"Liu Yiming. Taoist alchemy of change" - Moscow: Germitazh Press, 2005.

"The Book of Changes. Lessons of Wen-wang" - Moscow: Germitazh Press, 2006.

"Feng Shui. Time cycles of nine stars" - Moscow: Germitazh Press, 2006.

"The traditional Chinese calendar prediction techniques. In Men Dun Jia Qi" - Moscow: Germitazh Press, 2006.

"Treatise on the Yellow Emperor's internal. Part I" - Moscow: Profit Style 2006.

"Treatise on the Yellow Emperor's internal. Part II. The axis of the spirit" - Moscow: Profit Style, 2007.

"Great achievements Chen Chiu" - Moscow: Profit Style, 2007.

"The Book of Changes. Technology decision-making" - Moscow: Profit Style 2008.

"The traditional Chinese calendar" (2005, 2006, 2007, 2009.). - Moscow: Germitazh-Press.

"Chuang-tzu. Sayings" - Moscow: RIPOL classic, 2009.

"Chuang-tzu" - M. Ed. ZHiguliskogo 2009.

"Confucius" The reasoning in the saying" - M. Ed. Zhigulskogo, 2010.

Teaching materials for schools:

"Management in the Chinese tradition" (co-authored with V. Sizov). - M. Ed. Economist, 2007.

Literary works:

"From East to West" (novel). - Moscow: Sofia, 2002.

"He sighed, stood, walked" (poems). - Moscow: Germitazh-Press, 2002.

"Dedicated to all" (poems). - Moscow: Sofia, 2003.

"I Ching. Poetic Matrix" - Moscow: Germitazh-Press, 2004.

"Tao Te Ching. Poetic Matrix" - Moscow: Sofia, 2003.

"The Great Book of Kitaed Vinnigretskiy" - M. Ed. ZHiguliskogo 2008.

"The Book of Infinite Wisdom" - M. Ed. Bronislav Vinogrodskiy 2009.

"Taoist manual on martial semiotics" - M. Ed. Bronislav Vinogrodskiy, 2012.

"Vasya and Nameless. Book 1" - M. Ed. Bronislav Vinogrodskiy, 2012.

"I am Taoist. You too?" - M. Ed. Bronislav Vinogrodskiy, 2013.

Published translations and essays

The epitome of the study of Chinese culture, collecting items of Chinese ancient and modern arts and crafts is a series of illustrated album "The wise luxury of the East", has been published by Zhigulskiy in 2007-2008:

"The Way of Tea"

"The Way of Tea. The subtleties of tradition"

"The Way of Tea. Objects and people"

"Chinese jade. Patterns of Time"

"The Book of Changes. Rules of destiny management"

"Chinese House. The living space in feng shui"

"The Chinese symbolism. Signs of happiness"

"Chinese holidays. Finding Joy"

"Harmony of living space" (miniature)

"Harmony of the Book of Changes" (miniature)

"China. To know, understand, feel", Part I and II


"Confucius. The reasoning in the saying" (translation, music and performance Bronislav Vinogrodskiy). - Moscow: Mystery of Sound, 2011.


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