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When i say

When i say death i don`t mean the play
with tears, fears, sobbing of the grave yard
i know nothing of this mystic line
it from time timelessness of falling star
and if you`ll manage once to catch the flick
of minute trace left in the sky forever
to count all the parts of falling light
then you will see what`s life and what is death
what am i doing gathering the air
of all those roads coming from nowhere
and pointing into the center of my heart
all is undone

the only action waveth of silent doing
(i realize that i forgot its meaning)
it is to trudge by many desert roads
because they`ll led you to your own heart

and in the point where road is converging
in stillness of the ignorant un-action
and it will bring you back in your heartbeat

what am i doing here those phrases
reminding me of the transient air
creating wind of mystery, returning
to the whirl-pool of dis-un-satisfaction.



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